Christian flexible pianist wanted to help with original compositions

04 Sep 2019 / 83 views / 0 watchers Coolish - Christchurch Musician

I have some songs written but think piano would finish the songs off for recording. I need someone who can add a piano spark. I can write a bit for piano, in terms of the melody, but I cant play well as I am a guitarist and needs someone who can take the melody and fill it out. If you play all the time like pop/rock/gospel,If you are flexible and know what sounds good and have a heart to worship God that has developed a bit over a period of time, then you may want to hear the songs and see if you want to play them and add to them. I do guitar and vocals. I am stripping the music right back. The piano has to fill at the right time. Flexibility is required to move with the Holy Spirit. Black American gospel for instance can speed up and sometimes slow down at will..even though there is set timing to begin with.

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