Female heavy drummer looking for creative musos on the north shore or

03 Sep 2019 / 237 views / 0 watchers Replicantpedals - Auckland Musician

I have most of my fave bands I like to play and listen to on my profile to save me writing it a million times.

Drums were my main instrument from age 11-19 then I studied audio engineering and kept up playing guitar since 13 onwards. Now I'm 30ish I got back into drumming to play live and make original stuff with other musos as I previously did it all myself and it got boring.

I'm not stuck to playing one genre as I like A LOT of diff stuff but I'll be pretty up front if I'm into certain stuff or not. Or if I can play it.

I can play double kicks but dont get into thrash metal kinda stuff, more like poison the well - nerdy and walls of Jericho all hail the dead type stuff. I'm pretty open to most stuff if its heavy as long as it doesnt bore me to hell.