Vocalist wanted for Extreme Rock Band

20 Aug 2019 / 185 views / 0 watchers Dark Ichor - Wellington Band

Greetings, the extreme rock band ‘Dark Ichor’ is in need of a new vocalist having recently parted ways with its previous member. We are looking for a vocalist in their early 20’s to fit in with the rest of the band.

We are an extreme rock band so an interest in hard rock or heavy metal will be good as our riffs and songs are a blend between the two.

You will primarily be performing lead vocals in the band.

What we need
• A Vocalist (You! That was simple enough)
• Clean or Unclean vocals (screaming/growling/whatever you call it) We need a voice with personality and attitude.

What you will need.
• A high level of dedication.
• An ability to listen and follow instructions. (We already have several songs completed so you will be taught these first. Though there will be plenty of space to add your own stuff.)
• You do not need a high level of skill just a knowledge of the basics, and a wish to become better.

As an additional note, we also need a guitarist. If you can provide vocals as well as guitar or have a friend who is keen, please let us know of this as well.

Please contact darkichor@gmail.com if you are interested.
Alternatively contact Curtis at 0221599119.

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