Auckland Looking for experienced musicians

12 Aug 2019 / 149 views / 0 watchers sharmakush91 - Auckland Musician

Looking for, wanting to be professional/ experienced guitar, bass, sax, synth players for an originals only project. Genre- instrumental rock, electronica rock, jazz rock, prog rock. I'm a guitar player with almost 10 years of experience. Into stuff like nick Johnston, Eric Johnson, Paul Gilbert, Steve vai, Guthrie Govan, Joe satriani, Billy sheehan, dream theater, and looking at producing music of a similar genre too. I've got a lot of material to work with if things go as planned. Looking for guys with out of the world ideas, wanting to achieve virtuoso level of playing and constantly working on it, guys who can work together, learn from the guys on this project and have the ability to teach a thing or two to the other guys on this project as well. If this sounds like you text me on 02102719427

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