Instrumental Song Covers

17 Jul 2019 / 160 views / 0 watchers Fingur - Christchurch Musician

Looking to find someone who wants to do instrumental covers of songs. I play acoustic fingerstyle guitar so it could be another guitarist but im open to any instrument no matter how weird. My preference is for acoustic instruments only. Would be nice if we could build a set of songs and then perform for money etc though this is not a must. I love pretty much every style of music before 1990 and some songs after from pop, rock, jazz and classical to prog rock and fusion. So I am sure we can find some common ground. Looking to make cool not cheesy covers of songs. Also open to another musician wanting to do original instrumental songs as I have written quite a few too. Age not a problem. I am 33. I am self taught but know a little bit of music theory and can read and arrange songs from a notated score. Really easy going and just want to have a musical focus goal for myself. Get in touch if keen!

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