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12 Jul 2019 / 202 views / 0 watchers Efulefu - Auckland Musician

Hi Guy and gals,

3-4 weeks ago I recently posted an advert for a band in the vein of Tool, MM, NIN, RATM, Funker Vogt and rammstein East-Western fusion metal project,

I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of response, I have been so busy with work and projects to even reply to these emails.
but now I realize if I don't go for it now it may never happen. so starting preliminary motions to start a band.
so looking for a few talented individuals to join in the journey.

2 vocalists (1 male, one female)
2 guitarist (rhythm and vocals)
(i will be playing keyboards)

a bit about me - I am foremost a lyricist but finding time to practice guitar and keyboards

Have a concept album slowly being planned out in ideas and writing lyrics for them.

A few songs have lyrics in
English, Hindi, Arabic, German, Russian
a lot of songs are like an orientalist Rammstein but other songs are mostly heavy metal and darkcore/electronica

not just looking for a band to play the local arenas but to take to new zealand forwards to the world stage as industrial metal auteurs and make some noise! NZ deserves a better class of bands than just Lorde!

Planning on a meetup in town if anyone keen coming next Friday/sat in Auckland CBD just to discuss things and see whos keen and check out the musical chemistry.

flick me an email @ efulefuwow@gmail.com

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