Wanting Synth Pianoist or Guitarist

17 Jun 2019 / 226 views / 0 watchers Massminnd - Auckland Band

Hey muso's,
Wanting a Pianoist/Synth or Guitar player to join our team!!!
were a 5 piece band based in west auckland and we've been together for little over a year so we got good chemistry together so looking for someone who will fit in nicely, aged from 20-30 will have to be creative with good energy on and off stage and commited to 1 evening practice a week.
Our band has Massive goals to be playing all the big stage in Aotearoa so we will be pushing ourselves to be better performers/muso's every week.
@ the moment we are a working cover band but have pulled back to focus on our orginals, we still have a few gigs over the year that are locked in just to keep ourselves bizzy.

Our genre of music: funk/hiphop/soul/r&b/reggae/fusion/many more
six60/LAB/MJ/bruno/steviewonder/natedogg/warrenG/ and so so much more
this is only scratching the surface!!!!

if this sounds like you pm me and ill send our song list...coz as much as were looking for someone you have to be happy aswell

meet the team: facbook


@bentauariki (bass player/voicelist
@ellaphonsmusic (lead singer)
@danzsolo (voiclist/rapper)
@officalgibzmusic (voiclist/guitarist)
@levi (drummer)

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