Judas Wanted Auckland

12 Jun 2019 / 118 views / 1 watchers Living In SIlence - Auckland Band

Hi all

I am looking to get together with some like minded musicians to have a jam, and make some noise with, i have been in a couple little local bands before but nothing progressed past rehersal, and when that finished i sold some of my gear, however i do have my electric guitars and my bass as well,

My main influences are GnR, Metallica, but as of the past couple years ive been really loving Fozzy, Saw them live this year and they blew my mind,

I would like for this band/jam or whatever may be, more of a band that will get the people jumping,

so will need someone who has got amazing skill on guitar, cause it aint me, bass player, Drummer, and a vocalist with a decent set of pipes reminiscant of Jericho/rose/hetfield,

Any other questions, feel free to text me



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