Looking for Vocalists

11 Jun 2019 / 109 views / 0 watchers Efulefu - Auckland Musician

Working on a heavy metal east/western fusion music project
Looking for vocalists to test some lyrics out and, get some demos and form a band.

I currently write lyrics for a metal concept album with songs a few in other languages
I need someone to seriously test out the lyrics to write. don't really care if male/female atm just someone who can sing
Slowly Teaching myself Keyboards/Electric Guitar

influences include NIN Marilyn Manson Tool/ RATM, Funker Vogt, VNV Nation)

Live in Massey neighbor has a music studio.

UPDAGTE: please forgive me for the lack of replies for this advert i have been hectically busy with committments have decided to form an actual band and will repost.

If you're interested flick me an e-mail efulefuwow@gmail.com

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