21 year old guitarist new to the area looking for band

04 Jun 2019 / 144 views / 0 watchers richlg - Kapiti Coast Musician

Currently new to the Kapiti Coast area. I come from Christchurch where I played in 2 different bands as guitarist & guitarist/singer in the other. I have been playing guitar for years & am experienced in other instruments too.

What im looking for in a band is a confident group who are committed & somewhat experienced players. I have a lot of experience at recording music & playing live. I am interested in both originals & covers. I have written & recorded dozens of songs.

I have an album on spotify currently. I wrote every track & recorded every instrument on all tracks. (tracks 2,3,5,6 are not me on drums) (tracks 2,4,5,7 are not me on bass) (mixing on tracks 2,3 is not me)


My preferred genre is art rock. Im a sucker for rock mixed with orchestral elements

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