Bassist Wanted For Symphonic Metal Band

03 Jun 2019 / 262 views / 0 watchers Parath - Hamilton Band

Parath is looking for a competent bassist to join our band. We are a serious band who play original symphonic metal music and we are dedicated to regular gigging. The ideal bassist would be someone who...

• is passionate about bass and metal music in general
• can commit to weekly practices
• is fluent at playing fingerstyle metal bass
• owns his own gear (instrument, head, pedals etc.)
• is able/willing to travel for gigs and gig regularly
• can afford to put money towards merch, recordings, and videos

If you are interested please email us at Please attach a video/audio clip demonstrating your ability and include any information on past experience as a gigging musician if applicable. We are more than willing to try out someone who has not gigged/been in a band before as long as you demonstrate you can meet the above criteria.