Amnesia Jones needs a Drummer in Auckland

23 May 2019 / 190 views / 0 watchers AmnesiaJones - Auckland Musician

Hey fellow drummers! Anyone in Auckland want a gig?

I recently dropped a solo album under the moniker Amnesia Jones. I’m in need of a drummer for the live band in the hopefully not too distant future. It’s written for a 6 piece and I’m starting at the most important foundation!

It's an fusion of a lot of genres, groove based stuff. A bit of everything to sink your teeth into:

Backbeat, funk, world beat, odd time signatures, linear, rockier stuff, tom grooves, a bit of jazz and DnB at the end! Some of the sections will be extended for danceability and improvisation on the fly, in relation to the night. I want every gig to be different. Lots of syncopation, lots of ghost notes and lots of fun!

I recorded with a double snare (low muffled side snare) and double cymbal stack setup, so that would be required. One up, two down but I guess that's flexible!

If this sounds like you have a listen and let me know: