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16 May 2019 / 148 views / 0 watchers AngelicDee - Auckland Musician


I am an experienced keyboard piano player in West Auckland. I am also a singer songwriter - I have been involved in bands over the last 20 years ranging from pop, classical, rnb soul, hip hop.

Music has been part of me for 30 years. I started playing classical piano and did grades at royal school of music at the age of 11. Soon after I did classical guitar which led to contemporary rhythm guitar and songwriting.

I love all types of music from country, soul, blues to classic rock music. You name it I love all types music (not so much hardcore).

I am wanting to work alongside like minded souls. I have been lately interested in doing music for movie soundtracks and would like to try it out.

I am also singer songwriter. I was trained at MAINZ for 2 years and focused mainly on music performance and composing music.

I am open to working in duo, band as a singer and piano player. I used to play guitar but have been restricted due to an accident and my heart wants to join my music side again.

From 2005 I started to work on the stage doing professional gigs and also taking part in open mic nights to get more confident as a performer.

I have music loaded on live music YouTube.

I would love to see where this ad takes me and I look forward to hearing from you.


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