Bassist wanted for a new band

13 May 2019 / 207 views / 1 watchers kiwihrish - Auckland Musician


We are a band of 4 with some contrasting influences. We have a vocalist, a guitarist, a percussionist, and a sax player/percussionist. Our influences are from rock, funk, hip hop/ RnB, pop, world music... You name it!
Our idea is to explore a band format while replacing a drum kit with a West African percussion section (using diembe, dunduns and other instruments). We enjoy covering some funk and R&B tunes and are open to music with other good grooves. We have also writing a few original material which we will be building on.
We have recently lost our bassist and we have a possible gig in July, So were looking for someone with a good groove, who enjoys funky, or even dub-ish bass lines.
I would say we are a chilled and relaxed group, and have the same feeling during our jams to promote creativity.

So, if you are a chilled, relaxed bassist with some groovy/funky bass line get in touch with me so we can have a few jams.



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