want someone from 15 17 years old to be in a band with me

04 May 2019 / 92 views / 0 watchers lou_twoshirts - Dunedin Musician

Howdy! I want someone to be in a duo with me, I love They Might Be Giants and want something like that, if you also want something like that, than flick me a message

Email adress: louisamos888@gmail.com

or you can just message me through the website, that's fine.

I also love Ween and The Pixies!

I picked Other on the instrument section because I don't mind what instrument you play, it can be anything from Guitar to Brass Instruments or even an Accordian, any instrument is welcome.
I would personally play guitar and do some singing, though I'd love you to sing as well, as we'd both write songs.
Cheers for reading.

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