Annee 2CU International Recording Blues Band Requires Drummer

25 Apr 2019 / 160 views / 0 watchers Annee 2CU Blues Band - Auckland Band

Annee 2CU Blues Band is an internationally recognised Blues Band who have had 4 albums on the American Roots Music Report Chart and have regularly been on on the IBBA (British Blues) Chart.
We are starting on our fifth album to be recorded by the end of June.but require an experienced mature drummer.
We rehearse on Saturday either mornings or afternoons.This is a long-term position and we are looking for someone who will fit in the team long-term.
To find more information and hear our latest album please go to

PLEASE NOTE the following:

* Practices are 3 hours long on Saturday - either mornings starting at 10am or afternoons starting at 1pm

* Rehearsals are at Kelston/Glen Eden

*Please visit website and listen to our music before contacting us.

* Only contact if this would suit after listening to our music.

Thank you
Annee 2CU.Blues Band

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