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Hi Friends, I am a composer, pianist and singer from Auckland. I am looking to form band to do own compositions and covers for existing songs. The whole idea is to Participate in Gigs, Music Festivals, Events, Band Competitions .etc. To get recognition in English Music Market. For now i am looking to have singers, acoustic guitarist, electric guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer (drummer with basic equipment). This is an unpaid work, but as the journey becomes bigger, i promise we will get paid and recognized for our talents. I love pop, country, rock and soul. There will be an audition for every artist and once you are successful, we will start our practices. For regular practices, I am happy to provide transport if you live near Mt Albert area.
I would love to hear from you.

Please listen to my compositions below,
First Priority =
Second Priority =
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Fourth Priority =
Composer: Praveen Ravela from Auckland New Zealand and Singer: Anthony Kayrooz from Melbourne Australia
Please download all 8 songs here:
Praveen Ravela

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