Vocalist Guitarist Keyboards for 90s 2000s Cover Band

10 Apr 2019 / 146 views / 0 watchers Jules - Wellington Musician


I'm putting together a cover band project focussing on 90s and 2000s hits. For a flavour of the material, think: Foo Fighters, Killers, Pulp, Franz Ferdinand, Blur, Black Keys, RHCP, Jet, Sublime, QoSA, Green Day, Cure, Nirvana, Kings of Leon, Manics, Radiohead, Oasis, Strokes, REM, Jamiroquai, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Muse, Supergroove, White Stripes, Verve etc.

Name sorted. Rhythm section sorted. Guide setlist sorted. Marketing material in place (logo/website/fb page etc).

We're looking for serious musicians who see the marketing potential for a 90s and 2000s dedicated covers band and who can sing and play this material. Specifically, we're seeking a lead singer/guitarist and a keys-player/vocalist. Vocals are going to be key. Must have own gear, transport, and commitment to being in a professional working band.

We will not be aiming for a weekly practice to incrementally add material. Instead, once the lineup and setlist are finalised - it'll be down to each of us to learn all of the material, then convene for c. half-a-dozen or so intensive rehearsal sessions before actively looking for gigs. The objective is to rapidly establish a professional gigging band playing the classic hits that today's 30-40 somethings grew up with.

PM or email me if you're interested.

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