17 year old guitar and vocalist looking to form heavy band

04 Apr 2019 / 102 views / 0 watchers himaj - Auckland Musician

Hi guys, 17 year old, high school student based in auckland looking to form a heavy originals band playing post hardcore/ metalcore/ alt metal type shit (pretty open to most things just heavy esque) with others around my age. I've been playing guitar for about 7 years and vocals for less than a year but have been making considerable progress with it. Inspirations at the moment for me are tool, deftones, chevelle, a perfect circle, alice in chains, stone sour, early escape the fate. I have solid gear, mainly playing drop c at the moment to accomodate my voice but can easily change if needed. been wanting to start a heavy band for the longest time, so flick me a message if you'd be down for a jam. Ideally looking for other musicians with solid gear, amps, etc.

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