Vocalist wanted for Spontaneously Composed Performance

07 Mar 2019 / 148 views / 0 watchers Axeman - Auckland Musician

Vocalist wanted for band Spontaneous Combustion.
We are 4 musicians ready for a vocalist to join. Live gigs waiting.
This is a concept band for playing live soon as possible.
Everything is composed and performed at the time of playing including timing, direction, progression, lyrics, structure etc and it sounds to the listener as if it is composed beforehand but we are determining those elements at the time of playing them.
This can be achieved with practice (I have done this before) and the stages go from sounding good maybe 10-20% of the time to sounding good 50% of the time to eventually holding it together 100% of the time. At this stage (I call it Closing the Loop) the band can focus more on composition and making the whole piece interesting to the listener. To make this achievable some basic rules can be followed:

1. Don't stop - The music must keep going and progress to develop a complete musical piece
2. If you don't know what to do support someone who does - We all take turns at backing and grooving
3. If it gets boring change it - This has to be done in a way that others can follow. E.g hint at certain chords/melodies before changing harmonically
4. Honour the song - this means the piece we are composing and playing is more important than any one person's performance or ego. We consider what we play in terms of the overall piece.

We are also looking for a poet to compose the lyrics that the vocalist can sing. The poet and the vocalist can support each other with lead/backing vocals as well as lyrics.

Location Auckland

If you are interested please email Anthony:

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