Mature Bass Player Wanted

27 Feb 2019 / 329 views / 1 watchers Bernard1 - Auckland Musician

The crowd gathers at the finish line. They’ve come to see the arrival of the marathon runners. They’re not real marathon runners. They’re people coming from a side street a few hundred meters down the road who are now triumphantly and under great applause making their way to the finish line. The public sort of knows that these are only imitators but who cares? The crowd just want to be entertained. If you are a runner wanting applause, there really is no need for blood, sweat and tears. You just do the last bit.

At home, your wife has lost interest in you. She likes Brad Pitt but not you. What to do? You grab a paper bag, stick a photograph of Brad Pitt on it and put it over your head. Wow! She’s all exited now. Why bother trying to sell yourself if all you have to do is go through life as a Brad Pitt imitator. It’s good to be appreciated!

So now you want to play in a band. A cover band would get good attention. Only, it’s not really a ‘cover band’ is it? “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mick and Keith suddenly called in sick and couldn’t make it tonight but don’t worry, these people here on stage are covering for them.” Is that how it is? Or is the right term ‘Imitation Band’?

If you say this is all nonsense, just go to the next ad. Say “No need to reinvent the wheel” and you’ve made your own reality. If not, if you want to express yourself as the unique being you are and have the mature insight that the road is as important as the finish line, give us a call on 027 5914535.

COSMIC GECKO is a 100% original band with satirical lyrics. Currently drums, keyboards and guitar. We are looking for a mature bass player. Reliability, commitment and resilience are key.

Here are some clips:

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