Drummer wanted for acoustic group

24 Feb 2019 / 198 views / 0 watchers Richard - Christchurch Musician

We have an acoustic group going that meets on Saturdays to jam. We are looking for a drummer to go along with the double bass, guitar, and vocals we already have. Our working name of our group is the Tonks street secret society. We have been playing a few nirvana songs, Chris Issac, bob dylan, etc.

Ideally you'd have a drum kit, but if not we have some hand drums we've been trying and you are welcome to come along and bust out some djembe or cajon hand drums. If we can find a drummer who is keen to be involved I'll acquire a drum kit that you can use. You're welcome to come along and check it out.

I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers.


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