Looking for people to make a band with

22 Feb 2019 / 259 views / 1 watchers AlexWhite - Wellington Musician

Hello everyone, Alex here.

I’m in my thirties and feel like I need to try to get my music going. Basically looking for a partner in crime.

A bit about myself:
I listen to almost everything (as long as it feels real and more or less unique) except for heavy metal and stuff you see on TV.
Instead of getting inspired from other music I use it to see how I can making something new and unique.
Been making music on Computer for more than 10 years as a hobby, just messing around, but really felt fulfilled when something actually manages to sound good.
For a year been playing the guitar and feel like I reach the breaking point. If can jam and form a band great, if not then will stick to my PC.
I don’t read or write music, just messing around with a sound and see if anything will come. Not sure if could be a problem for experienced music.

Just to meet some people who can share my view on music. Hang out, jam and see where it will go.

Living in Lower Hutt, but going study in Welly.

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