Guitarist wanted

18 Feb 2019 / 240 views / 0 watchers TaylorS - Christchurch Musician

Hey :)

I’m looking to start an originals duo. Something similar to the broods. I play keyboard and guitar and sing and ideally looking for a guitarist who can sing as well.

My influences are Daughter, Paramore, MGMT, Billie Ellish, Broods, Kings of Leon etc

I love all types of music so just need to jam and see what happens but am deffiently going for the ambient pop/ indie alternative vibe. Listen to the song “smother” by Daughter and you will get what I’m going for. But of course not limited to that style.

Eventually would want to make this a band to! But for now would be cool to just have another song writer to work with.

I’m 24, female and pretty laid back and have a big garage we can jam in so send me a message or an email with some
Demos and a link to your Facebook page so I can add you as a friend. You can follow my Instagram Taylorstockman_musicx if you would like as well

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