Welly guitarist seek rock band

12 Feb 2019 / 106 views / 0 watchers Manic - Wellington Musician

Rhythm guitarist/Songwriter seeking a rock band in Wellington.
Can do vocals but would prefer to just play guitar and do a vocal support role.
Looking for a band that wants to jam at least once a week and gig regularly.
I am the vocalist and guitarist of Wellington band How to Human, but due to various reasons, the band isn’t as busy as we would like, so want to get out and get busy.
If you want to see the style that I write, you can check out HTH here:

I have a project recording studio where I can record demos and will be able to have silent jams as long as the drummer has an electronic kit as I am in the process of acquiring one.
Really enjoy collaboration and am easy to get along with.

Really only interested in working with a band that is focused on being productive, but still enjoying the process.

Bands that I listen to/appreciate, Shihad, Metallica (1st 5 albums), Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Pearl Jam (1st 4 albums), Soundgarden, Faith no More, Foo Fighters, The Police, Queens of the Stone age…. I could go on.

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