Guitarist or Musical Allrounder wanted to Jam / Write original songs

11 Feb 2019 / 372 views / 0 watchers benzine2112 - Christchurch Musician

Hey There,

I'm in my mid 40's, have kids, mortgage, full time job...I'm looking for a 'musical' escape, not more pressure. If you understand where I'm coming from there, read on.

My number one is 'electric bass', but I enjoy playing a bit of guitar and keys too. I'm also working on (when I find time) improving my voice skills. Primarily I am looking for someone to throw some musical ideas around with, hangout and maybe do some writing, recording and time.

Skills and experience are secondary to a relaxed, casual and flexible attitude in regards to when/how often . In other words, I'm looking for some I get on with, rather that a virtuoso. I'm experienced and professional when needed. I have reasonable gear ( a bit old now, but still works). My musical tastes are very eclectic covering most genres including prog rock ( been listening to Rush since 1984), metal, classical, jazz, electronic/dance, folk/acoustic, Primus, Mr Bungle - yeah, throwing them in their own genres.

If you are keen to get together for a beer and a chat, email me some similar bullshit about yourself and what you are looking for in your musical life.

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