Annee 2CU Blues Band Needs Experienced Guitarist

10 Feb 2019 / 113 views / 0 watchers Annee 2CU Blues Band - Auckland Band

Top Kiwi Blues band is looking for a mature top-notch guitarist to replace our fantastic current guitarist who is no longer available as a result of work commitments..
You will need to be flexible, disciplined and able to work within a very professional setting.
We are very much a recording band that records as a live performance and we do not overlay. We are a great team and we have accomplished significant radio play all round the world.
Plenty of room for your own individual feel.
We are located in Auckland.
Rehearsals are usually held in Kelston (and occasionally Waikowhai and Devonport) on Saturday mornings/afternoons.
Suggest you listen to our music by visiting our website or listening to us on Spotify

To see more about us please visit the following:


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