Tribal Electronic Spirit Consciousness Psychedelic Dub Rock Mashup

09 Feb 2019 / 110 views / 0 watchers Herwr - Christchurch Musician

Guitarist and Electronic Synth, Sampler, 'Sequencist' seeks musicians to collaborate in an originals dance band in the vein of a Tribal, Electronic, Spiritual Consciousness, Psychedelic, Dub, Blues Rock mashup.

Interested souls should be aligned to manifesting positive energy message & be open to experimentation and co-creating enriching groove based vibrations.

Possibilities around Percussion / Hand, Hang or other Drums / Vocals Lyricist / Didge / Violin and or any interesting instruments that could fit the theme. Possibly also 2nd guitarist / Electronic producer in suitable genres.

Will be looking to play venues and festivals in future however being patient as the music develops & evolves will be part of the journey.

Contact initially with short bio and stylistic influences etc.


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