Older guy looking for band

06 Feb 2019 / 193 views / 0 watchers Mikey - Wellington Musician

I'm in my fifties, been singing and playing guitars and bass most of my adult life but lately just accompanying myself on acoustic guitar. I used to play in bands many years ago and been missing it lately. Wondering if there are others out there who may be interested in getting together to form a band of some kind? I would mostly be interested in keeping it simple, I could sing and potentially play guitar or bass as well. Have been doing mostly folk/rock/country/americana type genres but open to most styles. Probably just looking at a basic drums, guitars and bass type band but don't really have too many preconceived ideas. I don't write originals but happy to learn yours. I already know a variety of covers but not that fussed about doing things exactly like the record. Maybe some cover songs just done our own way? Thinking probably others around my age but that's not a deal-breaker.

So I dunno, anyone out there??

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