Experienced lead guitarist returns

19 Jan 2019 / 191 views / 1 watchers shreddingNinja - Auckland Musician

I am a professional guitarist with 30 years experience, well, minus 6 because since I came to NZ 6 years ago did not earn anything from my guitar so I can't really call it professional. Tho I in my private time I still regularly jam along with my soulless machine for practice and leisure.

So now I decided to try my luck finding friend(s) with a serious motive (by serious I mean getting somewhere for a particular incentive, preferably income, rather than just for hobbies purpose), for either gigs, recording or any project involving music.

I can do minimalist home-recording if needed, I used to work composing, arranging and producing music based on MIDI or audio.

I am specialized in lead guitar, although of course, can do well with rhythm guitar and also classical fingerpicking style.

My genre is generally rock, classical, pop, jazz.. loves latin but doesn't do well in that area.

Check me out on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN6CWWZ8YBCJgy7YUjVZd4g