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17 Jan 2019 / 203 views / 0 watchers DeadNZ - Wellington Musician

I’m looking for Drums, Keys, Singer and violinist/fiddler.
I love to explore sound, musical boundaries and want to form a cohesive chemistry with others, with the goal to make danceable, improvised funk music (Funkadelic, Prince, Material, Grateful Dead).
I’m looking for talented musos who are looking to join a creative musical project.

A bit about me: I play guitar – lead & rhythm. I have been composing music since ’85. My musical spectrum is very broad, but my roots lie in Americana, rock, folk, soul & funk and tribal music. I love to play music with people & explore boundaries within a song structure – free impro as a band.
With this project I want to create a party band that makes
an irresistible sound to dance to, drawing on as many genres as our collective takes on and feels comfortable with.
You would bring enthusiasm & commitment to the process of playing music and forming art that inspires the audience.
If this resonates with you, then please email, pm or txt me: 021 107 8201
Looking forward hearing from you
Cheers Tom

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