Any musicians interested in recording music?

17 Jan 2019 / 251 views / 0 watchers sonny.shinobi - Auckland Musician


I'm looking for musicians who are willing to meet up for recording music together. I want to make music that sounds psychedelic and mellow, not too much distortion. If I could find a bassist, lead guitarist and a drummer to vibe with, that would be awesome. At the moment my focus is mainly on experimenting and recording, rather than preforming, as i'd like to finish an album. I've currently written 18 songs that need to be recorded, preferably with a band. But once I've completed the album, i'll be happy to try and get some gigs as well.

This is the acoustic version of a song I made yesterday -

I'll be posting acoustics until I've made the sound i'm after, hopefully with the help of you guys.

Some of my recordings on Youtube will be mud quality because sometimes I record with my laptop mic... because laziness. But I do have decent recording equipment (Condenser Mic, Audio Interface, Electric guitar, Logic Pro X)

Anyway if you're interested, contact me on 0204231995
I'm really into my music, but I'd say that I'm approachable - Nice Guy :)
Don't be shy.

The name's Sonny

Thanks Guys!

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