Looking for drummer for Midwest Emo band or slowcore band

08 Jan 2019 / 101 views / 0 watchers hyssop - Christchurch Musician

I'm a pretty much an 18 year old student going on for my last year of high school and I want to start a band and just jam out. I don't plan anything big to come out of it and I've never performed but it's just to have fun really.

I'm looking for a drummer who isn't nessecarily good but passionate and can play loud or soft. Sometimes you will have to play outside of 4/4 timing. I mainly want to be playing songs from bands like American Football, Mineral. Midwest Penpals as well as some slower stuff like Duster (which is super easy to play with as it's pretty slow)
maybe we might come up with some original stuff, who knows. i mainly just want someone to play with.
Send me an email at: hyssop@protonmail.ch
a call/text: 02108880094
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyssopp