Guitarist Wanted

06 Jan 2019 / 193 views / 1 watchers HammondMan - Auckland Musician

I've been thinking about doing a two piece with a guitarist who has some vocal ability. I haven't done a two piece before. It makes sense to me to automate the drums and bass, and maybe some other sounds, but would want to play as much as possible live otherwise otherwise it's just karaoke hehe. Not looking at doing any big gigs, just casual sort of stuff. I haven't played in any bands for a while so I am not familiar with the demands these days. I am into writing originals, but I would rather play covers live and just record the originals. That would change if the originals attracted some serious attention of course.

Having said all this a full band is also a possibility. I don't want to get too serious about any of this; music is supposed to be fun, yeah?

I have a wide vocal range:

I also like the Hammond sound as well as the electric guitar sound that's why I called myself Hammondman. I like writing music for both of these sounds. Here's a couple of songs I wrote and recorded at home:

Here's an instrumental I recorded at home a few years ago. The recording isn't great, and it's incomplete.

I'm not really a blues player but was invited to add something to this one. I'm not the singer. Just did the keyboard.



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