newly formed cover band looking for a drummer

27 Nov 2018 / 80 views / 0 watchers aprilfoolsgiirl - Auckland Musician

Hi there! My name is Miel, I am part of newly formed 4 piece band, (2 guitarists, 2 vocals, equally mixed from North Shore and Central West, with very diverse age range) and at the moment we are looking for a drummer and bassist. We intend to play classic rock (GnR, AC/DC, The Cranberries, etc.) if this sounds like something you'd like to play, please reach me through this e-mail, or easier you can Whatsapp me +64273990401. We play for fun and if we get it good and fine tuned, we can play for some $$ Unfortunately, we don't have a practice space yet but we're actively looking for cheap options, so if you know something, that would also be very handy!

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