Do you want to record produce and release music worldwide from home

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Would you like to;
- produce your or other peoples music?
- release music worldwide?
- avoid 4 years fulltime study and thousands of dollars in fees?
- learn one on one at home, skills which can transfer to big studios anywhere in the world?

I make professional recordings & release my own music to Spotify, Apple Music,
at pro studio quality,
from a bedroom,
in my house.

I have been setting up DIY studios and recording musicians in NZ homes for 20+ years and I have been in and out of pro studios, radio stations, and the live music scene along the way.

I maked Indigo Oak Studio - NZ's Home Studio Specialist - As a one stop shop for the gear and most importantly the inperson training you will need to become a DIY musician.

Indigo Oak Studio is taking mystery and costs out of recording YOUR music to be mixed for distribution to Spotify/YouTube/SoundCloud/Apple Music or for demo to share with fans, venues, labels and other musicians.

I offer both ad hoc one on one training sessions and full multi lesson curriculums on DIY music production at your place, using your gear, at fair prices.

Imagine good ol' guitar or piano lessons, but for DIY music production at your place.

If you want to learn how to record yourself, I can access your situation and set you up with the best value gear and training so you can record your music.

After working with me you will:
- Be recording your music to a higher quality.
- Have more control over your creative process,
- Find new inspiration in your own music
- Save hundreds of dollars, as a result of not buying into marketing hype for a bunch of gear You don’t need.

YOUR MUSIC MATTERS - Don't wait for permission from the industry

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