Singer seeking band

14 Nov 2018 / 167 views / 0 watchers Liselle.silver - Christchurch Musician

I’m in search of a band that is keen to work towards getting gigs at bars and weddings.

I have a wide vocal range that goes from a clear Stevie Nicks sound through to an ability to belt out power ballads with a gritty vocal growl. I sing with heart, power and passion.

Some examples of artists that can give an idea of my vocal ability are: Alanis Morrisette, Stevie Nicks, Freddie Mercury, Alannah Miles (Black Velvet), Foreigner, Tool, Pat Benatar, Blondie, Madonna, Heart, Bon Jovi etc.

I can reach the operatic notes of Evanescence and Nightwish and am generally good at mimicking vocal style and nuance of individual artists. I’ll give most things a go. I lean towards classic 80’s – 90’s rock.

I’m looking for an honest, mature and reliable band with a goal to perform covers together, make a little bonus cash and have fun. I’m a song writer but feel I’ll find more success and enjoyment from cover work.

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