Mature Drummer Wanted M F

05 Nov 2018 / 109 views / 0 watchers Bernard1 - Auckland Musician

Satirical pop band COSMIC GECKO takes the micky out of everyday situations and puts it on fast paced energetic pop. There are some Ska and Eighties influences. ‘Seinfeld meets Madness’ could be a description. Catchy, danceable pop-rock mixed with funny lyrics that are on-offensive and non-political. We rehearse 1x/week - usually Tuesdays or Thursdays- in a very well equipped rehearsal space in the city that we have free access to. Because we are all people with jobs and commitments we gig on average 1/month. Festivals, RSA’s, Irish Pubs are places where we do very well. Needless to say that we don’t do any covers, but focus on presenting an original and entertaining show. We have a lot of fun doing all this and the atmosphere in the band is very pleasant.
We are looking for a mature drummer (M/F) who has the ability to commit to such a project. Our current drummer was overcommitted and had to withdraw, so it is important to check with the home front first and make sure that you are in it for the long haul. Commitment and reliability are an absolute must. After that, we are looking for a drummer with a sense of humour and guts to push traditional boundaries.
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