Lead Vocalist Wanted for 50s 60s Rockabilly Motown style Tribute Band

26 Oct 2018 / 146 views / 2 watchers dan_ed - Wellington Musician

We are a three piece (guitar, upright bass and drums) on the hunt for an experienced and talented front person.

We practice in Whitby (Wellington) usually during the week and seek someone committed to making great music and enjoying ourselves while doing it. We hope to play both older and modern popular tunes in the style of 50s rockabilly and 60s motown. We can all sing ourselves and are happy to provide back ups and harmonies but wish to have someone who has the confidence to enjoy the limelight up the front.

If you play an instrument, that's great. If you don't, don't panic!

We are all 30+ if that gives you an indication of our ages, so no one too old, please.



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