Looking for like minded musicians

19 Oct 2018 / 193 views / 0 watchers indyboy - Auckland Musician

Hey I'm John and I'm 23. I'm looking for people who enjoy jamming or writing songs together. I am specifically in need of a bassist, singer, drummer, and pianist. I'm quite flexible with genres, although as of recently I have been focusing on writing indie type songs. Above all I'd like to find a group of like-minded people who are not limited to one genre. I want to make music that is instrumentally unique. This would involve a lot jamming and experimenting. I'm not really worried about gigs at the moment, just making good music.

https://vocalizr.com/u/dazyeyez - Here are some songs I recorded a while back

I'm also keen to help people with their music too.

If this sounds fun, give me a text or a call. Cheers!

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