Guitarist Wanted Auckland

26 Sep 2018 / 186 views / 1 watchers Lowflower - Auckland Musician

Looking for a second guitarist to play rhythm and lead in our band depending on the parts in our songs. We play and write in a mix of genres including Indie-Pop-Rock, Blues and RnB and are looking to grow our band and play some gigs as well as write and record new material. You would need to be an all-rounded player who is familiar with chords but also capable of playing lead when necessary. We are a three piece right now but all of our songs were written with a second guitar part so would need one more to play live. Have a listen to our songs in our profile and see if you are interested. You would need your own gear (amps, guitars, pedals) with a preferably single coil guitar to be similar to the tone from the record. Any backing vocals would also be greatly appreciated. Age must be under 25 as we are 20, 21, and 22. Please flick us an email if you are interested and we can have a chat and a jam.

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