looking for Band Members

05 Sep 2018 / 151 views / 0 watchers TheAudiophile34 - Whangarei Musician


What are we looking for?
We are looking for musicians who are looking to get together as a group to write/perform music. We already have a drummer and I usually do vocals and guitar (badly), as well as a bit of sound engineering and recording on the side. So if you can hit a tomato can and make a beat or if you can shred like a beast, slap dat bass or even if you sing like a Katy Perry; we want to hear from you!
I am just looking to see if there are any people that are looking to get into a band with no pressure.
I have thought of getting into other bands myself, but most around at the moment seem to be either cover bands completely content to continue just being cover bands, or idiots that really can't play for $*it.

What are our goals?
Initially we are just looking to jam together, learn from each other, and eventually evolving... possibly into writing some original content and from there who knows???

What style are we looking for?
Well personally I hate genres/boarders. I just love good music. I like most genres, from bands like A7X, FFDP and Disturbed on the heavier side to Imagine dragons, a perfect circle while on the other side I enjoy some Luciano Pavarotti and also have guilty pleasures like Rita Ora, and dubstep.
I also appreciate the rasp of a V8 at 4700RPM :)

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