Looking to join an existing covers or originals band

04 Sep 2018 / 168 views / 1 watchers LoganSP - Christchurch Musician

Hi there,

I'm a guitarist with 13 years experience, both in covers and originals bands, looking to join either a new or existing covers or originals band in Christchurch.

While I am 27 (I say this because of the amount of posts on here looking for someone between 19 and 25, as if being 27 is old and decrepit), I am down with the kids and just want to actually play music. I don't care about anything, aside from the music sounding good, and people not being shit to work with.

Getting paid for it is a bonus, but if I'm jamming with people who are still working their way up to even an amateur level, and they show promise, then I'll happily stick around and see how things go.

I have my own transport, my own gear, and I work 4 hours a day teaching music - so I'm reasonably flexible with times to practice and jam.

I can't sing well, though, so you'll probably want to hand that over to another, more capable multitask-er.

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