Starting new doom metal blues band from stratch

28 Aug 2018 / 183 views / 3 watchers Deflated - Auckland Musician

Hey my name is Andre.

I am an artist and musician looking for any serious person to help me form a band from scratch, with a new sound that will pierce through all the same ol' shit that is pumped out at a ridiculous rate.

If you have always been looked at as a mediocre musician, then this is the project for you. I want people I can grow and form a new sound with, not someone who comes in day one with a thousand effects pedals and plays technical solos and scales - there are a thousand whatever bands/cover bands you can join to show off or whatever you want. I am looking for souls that want to jam out as one, teach each other and form a brotherhood like oldschool bands from the 20th century.

If you are hesitant to respond to this, because there is a level of self doubt or disbelief in your own abilities - then it is exactly you i made this ad for.

I want to jam and have a good time, play some blistering riffs, smoke some pot, make some art with soul and eventually play live.

What i don't want it to make shitty overproduced, over technical, same old dog shit laptop EP's that are put on soundcloud or wherever.

If you are not put of by any of this, get in touch and we'll chat. I'll show you the music I make, my art style, etc.

I think with the right person we could really do something special. I already have a small core fan base that I have gathered alone.

As of now I have realized I just want to work with people, rather then doing it all my self.

It interests me how this will go down.


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