Chill Guitarist Wanted 18 to 23 yrs

20 Aug 2018 / 277 views / 0 watchers AltDave - Auckland Musician


looking for a lead guitarist to fill in last spot for band. someone chill and easy-going as well as proficient/confident in their ability to have fun. the current band of 5 has been practicing original pieces for the last couple weeks and is keen to begin gigging soon, so looking for last fill to finish off arrangements.

genre: synthpop, artrock, indie pop - connan/alvvays/arielpink

note for those interested, lead guitarist will be doing some really basic melodic work on keys for some songs, so a if comfortable with that, please message through :) (no need to be a Beethoven maestro! more of a 'dont-mind-playing-some-keys' situation)

oh and practice days are Wed/Thurs nights usually and/or Saturday day if either of the previous days didn't work out, that said band has become pretty self-reliant with practice, not needing me to be there to jam :)