Members wanted to Garage Rock and Roll Cover Band

19 Aug 2018 / 339 views / 1 watchers dan_ed - Wellington Musician


I'm a guitarist (or bassist if you want) and I can sing quite well. I play lead guitar in a pretty cool indie band and I also play Paul McCartney in a Beatles tribute act.

However, I want to start a rock and roll covers band. I love a good singalong and enjoy a catchy melody, except I can't bring myself to play 'Living on a Prayer', 'Wagon Wheel' or the usual standards that everyone constantly requests. Call it musical integrity, call it being a hipster... What I do want is to play in a tight band that sounds and awesome.

So my plan:

-Start a 3 piece (or four piece) that plays 'garage' rock and roll covers of pop songs, guilty pleasure music and songs from movies/musicals etc a la 'Me First and Gimme Gimmes'. Whilst I'm a huge punk fan, I hope to perform instead in the style of Blur, The Strokes, The Libertines, The Hives, That second Arctic Monkeys album, Albert Hammond Jnr and The D4 etc.

-I need a bass player or a guitarist (or two) who can sing or atleast provide harmonies (something I find pretty vital in a band). Metalheads, shredders and guys with 80s pointy guitars look elsewhere!

-A drummer who is solid, reliable and hits hard.

-Potentially a singer or a frontman, I'm experienced BUT not too bothered about stepping back and letting someone else hog the spotlight.

This is not going to be 'the next big band' but a fun passion outlet, so obviously looking for people with day jobs, who have their own gear and transport and are reliable. I'm a pretty easy going guy, 30 years old, so no one too old or to young please! Based out in Newlands, but happy to travel around Wellington (just not too far!).

Anyway give me a message if you think it might be up your alley. My number is 027 804 4977, please don't call between 9-4pm on Weekdays.



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