Female vocals for acoustic pop

17 Aug 2018 / 167 views / 0 watchers EddieJensen - Auckland Musician

Hello, I'm an originals solo artist that used to be a band :)

I'm looking for a female vocalist to play gigs with, I produce and manage events and am really organised. I've produced gigs with upwards of 200 people attending, where I regularly paid the bands and made a profit. That's basically why I quit working as a band, its hard to get a lot of people all working together in the same direction and I decided I can do that as a solo artist more flexibly and without being organizing 5 other people's schedule. I'm looking for a singer to work with on both smaller and larger gigs, my music lends itself to lots of vocals and a female vocalist adds a lot of depth and texture to the overall sound.

My songs are in a very wide range of genre's, but all written on the acoustic guitar so they are all kind of unified by that. Some are rocky and heavier, some are reggae or very poppy, some are more like folk and laid back. The key elements are good writing and arrangements, songs that have a meaningful message and story to tell, but are still catchy and accessible to a wide range of people.

Here is the first (and only) solo recording I've done recently to kind of launch the solo thing: https://soundcloud.com/eddiejensen/grow-old-with-you

Here's a demo from the band days: https://soundcloud.com/musicbythejames/bones
And a n old promo reel for a gig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxDFB6BQjiI

Before you contact me please make sure you
- have your own transport
- are RELIABLE, this is more important than singing experience or ability
- are serious and committed to something long term, at least a year
- are open minded and a good communicator, working on and playing music together is like being a family and a good relationship is absolutely critical
- have a job or are studying, or otherwise doing something structured with your life that you care about
- are NOT going to waste my time by not showing up to stuff, cancelling meetings, or generally being unreliable. Yes this item is here twice, if you're an experienced musician you'll know exactly why :) :) :)

If you've not done a lot of music stuff before then the list of requirements above might seem weird or over the top, if you've been involved with serious musicians and gigs then you'll know that what I'm asking for is 100% reasonable. I have the ability, organisational capacity and desire to go way farther than I already have with music, and I'm looking for people to start doing that with. You don't need to be highly experienced or an amazing artist to do that, but you do have be willing to commit to the project and do some work. If that's you, please feel free to text or call for a chat: 022 089 0827

Make sure you have a great day, because I am certainly going to do that too :)

Cheers, Eddie

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