15 Aug 2018 / 78 views / 1 watchers callumstaf - Christchurch Musician

Hey-ah , I'm predominately a guitarist and i live in Christchurch. I'm looking to jam with any musicians around the age bracket of 19-25 who are interested in being creative and playing with other musicians to make unique pieces of music.

Feel free to contact me through text no matter what instrument you play as I am open to jam with anyone although I am preferably looking to jam with people who play 1 or more of the following:

Guitar,bass,keyboard,vocals,drums,various percussion

If you are into any unique, expressive and genre bending music such as experimental, experimental rock, post rock, ambient , prog metal, prog rock, avant-folk, art pop , jazz fusion, avant-metal, doom metal, sludge metal or just like to push your creativity then we might just work well together !.

You can contact me on the following number, cheers !

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