ORIGINALS phat as bass player wanted

07 Aug 2018 / 143 views / 1 watchers keefus - Auckland Musician

Looking for a reliable bass player - with good gear and transport etc - we're in our 40's but not dead yet - don't mind any age really so long as you are into this as a proud-to-be-in-project and team effort - keeping this an originals-band-only so really no covers unless warped around enough to make a new version

Mainly punky E-tuned songs and heavy d-tuned stuff too and along influence lines of faith no more / tool / soundgarden / pearl jam / disturbed / heavy and riffy - janes addiction / stone temple pilots / ozzy etc influences like that for want of labels and comparisons

This is a 3-piece band so you need to be solid as a mofo for when lead guitar is wailing off - we practice adhoc when everyone is available and once committed its a 3way effort for everything using our strengths and weaknesses as one

We have plenty of songs and recordings done but want to do more in future - mainly looking at support gigs and our own events not really public bars or open mic nights or a pubs desire to have free bands

oh and we're based west Auckland

give me a text or call Keef 027 224 9828

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