improve your guitar bass vocals and songwriting skills with Jono

29 Jun 2018 / 145 views / 0 watchers Jono14 - Auckland Musician

have you ever wanted to learn or improve your guitar, bass playing , or singing ?
have you ever wondered how to write/record your own songs? or improve your bands performance?
Im Jono Kinstella, and i dont claim to be an expert, however
over the past 30 years i do believe i have improved, from the early days of annoying the neighbours
with my school bands in the parents garage, to playing my own original songs in competions, pubs, venues, and recording studios, the proof is in the pudding.
Nowadays i have built a soundproof studio under my house up the beautiful pukekohe hill, that is perfect for rehearsing/demo recording anytime 24/7 and im in here most days refining my art, and id like to offer assistance to anyone who is interested, as a way of helping this world become a better place.
So if your starting out on gat, bass, singing, songwriting,or with your band, and are looking to improve your craft
why not call or text for a chat, 021 2167422 im not here to charge the earth, just trying to make it a better place.

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